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Cosmic Muon Images

Interdisciplinary studies with Geoscience and Archaeology has the goal to show how the technology developed to study fundamental physics can be applied to the development of frameworks that may have a significant impact on society. It will invite citizens to utilize the Atmospheric Muons’ unique potential to probe structures and provide insight in a series of issues, ranging from volcano live monitoring to applications in archaeology or use for non- invasive and non-destructive control processes in the industry. The detection of those particles after any type of target allows therefore the characterization of the distribution and the density of the matter inside the target, as it is done for instance in medical imaging with X-rays. There is a strong societal impact of this technique, which is mostly passive and therefore adapted to any field of investigation: controls, risks assessment, hazards management.
In the framework of REINFORCE, this demonstrator will provide citizens with open data detected with distributed networks of cosmic ray detectors in order to perform inquiries at the interplay between cosmic ray research and its applications.
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