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On Friday 24 September at 21.00, on the occasion of BRIGHT NIGHT, the European Researchers’ Night, the event “Lo Spazio e i Sensi” was held at La Nunziatina, Pisa. A night of science and music, organised by the European Gravitational Observatory of Pisa, on the many ways we can explore and listen to the cosmos, as well as the world around us, in the name of diversity and inclusion.

The event featured two exceptional guests as protagonists of scientific research: Marica Branchesi, internationally renowned for her contribution to the birth of so-called Multi-Messenger Astronomy, and Wanda Diaz-Merced, a blind astronomer of Puerto Rican origin, one of the global leaders in research into the sonification of astronomical signals. Stavros Katsanevas, director of the European Gravitational Observatory, attended the event as moderator. The conversation between space, sounds and gravitational waves was accompanied by music from the Italian-Greek singer Marina Mulopulos.

Here the full recording of the event is available:

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