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Kid’s lab on Messengers from Space

Kid’s lab on ‘Messengers from Space’, during the European Researcher’s Night 2022

The lab was organised in the centre of Pisa. Two booths were set-up covering: 'Virgo listening to the cosmos' and 'Messengers from space'. 'Virgo listening to the cosmos' included a model interferometer; a superattenuator-suspension model; a screen showing various videos on Virgo and gravitational-wave detection, including a collection of the artworks submitted for the REINFORCE International Youth Art & Science Contest; and a station at which visitors, guided by researchers, were able to explore the REINFORCE demonstrator GwitchHunters.

'Messengers from space' was entirely dedicated to children and offered a lab on the sound of the universe, in which, through a game, they could learn about the concept of distinguishing signal from noise and the noise affecting the Virgo detector.

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