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robert wilson

Collaboration with Robert Wilson

On the 20th of October, 2022, Robert Wilson, one of the most innovative figures in international theatre and the visual-arts scene, and director and producer of ‘Einstein on the Beach’ (1976), visited the European Gravitational Observatory in order to start a dialogue on art and science with the REINFORCE Project Coordinator, Stavros Katsanevas, and the EGO-VIRGO scientific community.

During the visit, Virgo Commissioning Coordinator, Fiodor Sorrentino, took the artist on a tour of the infrastructure. Following the visit, the REINFORCE Project Coordinator discussed with Robert Wilson about the complementarity between art and science in the representation of reality, giving a detailed presentation and involved discussion on the history of art and science and their fundamental inter-relation. REINFORCE Technical Manager, Gary Hemming (EGO), subsequently presented the key ideas, aims and achievements of the REINFORCE project, including the Zooniverse demonstrator projects, engagement strategies and sonification techniques.

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