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ESIA FRONTIERS Summer School 2021 - 12/16 July 2021

The FRONTIERS Summer School  brings together educators, researchers in frontier Physics and researchers in science education in order to create a joint framework for introducing frontier Physics in K12 education.

Through training workshops from world leading experts in frontier Physics, participants will be given the opportunity to delve deeper in cutting edge Physics topics such as the detection of gravitational waves from the VIRGO experiment, the detection of elementary particles from the ATLAS experiment at CERN or the detection of high energy cosmic neutrinos from the KM3NeT neutrino telescope in the Mediterranean.

The FRONTIERS summer school aims to:

  • Bring together, motivate and train educators from all over the world who share the common vision of introducing modern Physics in the classroom.
  • Bring participants up to date with the latest discoveries in the field of modern Physics through workshops delivered by leading experts in Physics.
  • Train participants in the pedagogical framework of FRONTIERS and offer them training in a vast pool of educational activities developed by science education experts, in order to facilitate the introduction of modern Physics in the classroom.
  • Guide participants on how to connect modern achievements in Physics with their school curricula.
  • Enable participants to become creators of educational content in the field of FRONTIER Physics.
  • Network participants among them as well as with leading experts in frontier Physics research and Science Education in order to collaborate towards the shared goal of introducing modern Physics in the classroom.
  • Create a vibrant community of educators and researchers aiming in the advancement of frontier Physics in school education.
  • Forge sturdy communication links between participants and experts in the field of Physics research and Science education research by whom they will receive continuous and personalized support.
  • Facilitate the exchange of views, concerns, ideas and good practices between participants from different countries and make their voice heard in a vast audience of researchers and educators.

Participating teachers will also be invited to be part of an active and growing community of practice to exchange and share ideas, experiences, concerns and educational resources with colleagues from all over Europe and beyond.

Stay tuned to get to know very soon the full programme!

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