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Critical and Scientific Thinking Course (24th October - 02 November 2022)

REINFORCE courses on Critical and Scientific Thinking aim to help people to become better thinkers and to be able to distinguish between pathological science, pseudo-science, fraudulent science, poorly-done science and good science.

The courses will offer tools that are useful in every day life, from reading a newspaper article, to making personal decisions informed by scientific knowledge. The courses are inspired by the Big Ideas Course taught at the University of Berkeley by Saul Permutter, winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics.

After an introductory course on Sense and Sensibility and Science, given by Professor Permutter, four courses will be offered by Stefano Gattei, Professor of Science in Society at the University of Trento.


  • 24 October 18:00 (ZOOM platform/EGO Auditorium)
  • 26 October 17-18 ZOOM platform/Seminar room EGO
  • 28 October 17-18 ZOOM platform/Seminar room EGO
  • 31 October 17-18 ZOOM platform/Seminar room EGO
  • 02 November 10-12 ZOOM platform/Seminar room EGO

Registration and Zoom link here.

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