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Trieste, Italy

ECSA Conference 2020

The ECSA Conference 2020, the European conference for citizen and participatory science, will take place in Trieste, Italy, on 6-10 September 2020. The conference will focus on junctures in science: between scientists and citizens; between East and West; between North and South; and between the different fields of science. 

The conference will be held online. While meeting in person brings huge benefits, the organizers hope to capitalise on the opportunities an online conference will bring. These include a chance for even more people to be involved, including those from outside of Europe. It is also a chance to explore and test ways of interacting effectively online, which is likely to become an increasing part of how we live and work. We will work to ensure that the social elements of the conference are kept, as far as possible. And of course an online event means that the environment will benefit as well, as a lot of CO2 emissions will be saved.

The programme will be disclosed soon.

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