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Engaging Citizen Science - 25/26 April 2022

The Engaging Citizen Science Conference will promote knowledge sharing among the citizen science community. The aim of the conference is to engage citizen science researchers, practitioners, and citizens in sharing research, ideas, and innovations in order to make the field thrive and expand. The conference will be interdisciplinary in scope, inviting workshops, dialogue roundtables, posters, and demos from all main areas of research (natural and technical sciences, life and health sciences, and social sciences and humanities).

Citizen science as an interdisciplinary field holds promises for boosting scientific research, increasing public participation in scientific research, and empowering citizens in their everyday life. Citizen science covers many different initiatives and activities from crowdsourcing activities where citizens collect and analyze large amounts of data to deliberative processes where citizens are active in science-related policy-making. With roots in amateur science and participatory democracy, citizen science currently develops rapidly to include many different innovative approaches, including digital approaches, to promote and sustain participation and empowerment. This conference invites all citizen science stakeholders to come together to showcase how engaging citizen science can be.

We welcome abstracts on all themes related to citizen science. Possible themes include (but are not limited to):

  • Addressing global crises through citizen science
  • Approaches to co-creation in citizen science
  • Building a community within citizen science projects
  • Citizen science across different research fields or sectors (education, health, environment and nature, cultural heritage, social sciences, etc.)
  • Empowerment and inclusiveness in citizen science
  • Enacting participatory democracy with citizen science
  • Making technology work for citizen science
  • Open data and citizen science
  • Public participation - from the dual perspectives of participants and project leaders
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